D’Artagnan Collier responds to bankruptcy filing

The decision by Emergency Manger Kevyn Orr, a Democrat, backed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, a Republican, to throw Detroit into bankruptcy is proof of the bipartisan support for a historic attack on the working class of the city.

The largest municipal bankruptcy filing in US history paves the way for sharp cuts in pensions and health care benefits of municipal workers, the further slashing of essential services in the already devastated industrial city and the selling off of public assets to pay the banks and large bondholders that hold the city’s debt. What is happening in Detroit will be used as a model for a similar agenda in cities throughout the country.

Bankruptcy is the outcome of deliberate policies of both parties, and the local, state and national levels, acting on behalf of a small layer of the corporate and financial elite. While handing over trillions to the Wall Street banks and making nearly free credit available to investors creating another speculative bubble, the Obama administration has rejected any measures to bail out Detroit or other threatened state and municipal governments. On the contrary, the Democratic president has used the financial crisis as an opportunity to restructure class relations.

The working class must fight back! I call on workers and young people to support my campaign as part of the fight to mobilize the entire working class against the emergency manager and the bankers’ dictatorship in Detroit. To do this, we must organize independently of the Democratic and Republican Parties and the trade unions, which are tied to the political establishment. We call for throwing out the emergency manager and replacing the City Council with a Council of Workers Representatives.

My campaign is dedicated to organizing the massive opposition among working people and youth in the Detroit Metro Area to cuts in education, social services, jobs, wages and pensions into a movement directed against the bankers and the politicians of both big business parties. Contact us and join the fight!

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